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Producing bananas for Australians since 1947

Our farming, your fruit

Located in the heart of Far North Queensland, Flegler Group has been providing bananas to Australian families for nearly 75 years!

About Flegler Group

Our Produce

Flegler Group are third generation banana and sugarcane producers providing situated in Tully in North Queensland.

Our History

The beginnings of Flegler Group began as early as 1947 when, Ron, the grandfather of Cameron and Warwick, planted bananas in Tully


With over 100 employees, and managing 1000 hectares of growing land, find the role you're looking for with the Flegler Group team.


Flegler Group participates in a number of sustainability initiatives and programs to lessen the impact of our business on the planet.

Third Generation

Flegler Group is an Australian family-owned agricultural enterprise that focuses on bearing quality fruit in a safe and green-friendly environment. Owners Cameron and Warwick Flegler are third-generation banana and sugarcane producers who pride themselves on their family’s well-established history and look forward to a growing industry in which Flegler Group can flourish.

Our Produce

Award winning Bananas


Bananas are a healthy choice that are readily available and quite possibly the easiest edible fruit.

Sugarcane in Tully


Tully has its own sugar mill which is the largest single train mill in Australia.

Looking for Employment
in Tully or Mareeba?

Flegler Group offers many roles in the banana fruit picking and packaging process. These roles range from shed work undercover or getting out in the paddock and getting some sun.

Also on offer are careers in irrigation maintenance, fitting and fabricating, diesel fitting and mechanic trades.

Freshcare Certified

Freshcare Certified

Flegler Group is certified as Freshcare Standard Food Safety & Quality holder. Flegler Group strictly adheres to the environmental assurance program titled the Freshcare Environmental Code of Practice (ENV3).  It is a program designed to help farmers achieve real environment protection strategies which are divided into two parts.  Firstly, the administration of farm operations in terms of documentation, auditing and training.  Secondly, policy around biosecurity, waste, water usage and soil resource management.

Our Story


The origins of Flegler Group began as early as 1947 when, Ron, the grandfather of Cameron and Warwick, planted bananas in Tully.


The 1960's sees Ron’s son, Gordon (Cameron and Warwick’s father) plant bananas beside Brick Creek in Tully, Queensland operating as GJ Flegler Pty Ltd.  Significant sugar cane expansion starts to happen.


Gordon applies for and wins a ‘ballot’ block on Tully Gorge Rd under a Queensland Government initiative and moves banana operations to Tully Gorge road.


Gordon purchases the Flegler Family’s “Estate Farm” in Birkalla, Tully. This also the decade that saw the development of the 'nurse sucker' technique. Flegler sees significant expansion through land purchases.


The 90's saw experimentation with heavy de-leafing prior to Cyclone Joy in an effort to save trees from gale- force winds.

Further expansion of land and operations continued and Gordon's son Cameron joined the industry full-time.

The Munro Hill banana farm was established and Gordon's son Stuart takes over full-time management of the Cardstone Road Farm.


Sadly, Gordon passes away leaving the business to his wife, Jenny, and four sons – Cameron, Stuart, Warwick and Rohan.

Warwick begins his mechanical engineering degree whilst Cameron and Stuart begin supplying Coles under the Tropicana brand.

Warwick graduates University and joins the team.

Cyclone Larry caused huge losses to the group but allowed for investigation into cyclone mitigation strategies.


Flegler implemented the industry’s most successful cyclone mitigation strategy for Cyclone Yasi.

This was the decade that saw Stuart step down and Warwick assume a management position.

The Flegler Group was born and through land purchase, expanded to enable more sugar cane to be grown.


Cameron and Warwick purchase land in Mareeba to move banana operations to another region.  Warwick moves his family to the area to operate this farm.