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Quality Produce since 1947

Our farming, your fruit

Our Produce

Supplying fruit to Australia's best
known retailers

Flegler Group has been focusing on bearing quality fruit in a safe and green-friendly environment for three generations.

Owners Cameron and Warwick Flegler are banana and sugarcane producers who pride themselves on their family’s well-established history and look forward to a growing industry in which Flegler Group can flourish.

We supply some of the nation’s most well-known supermarkets, a testament to our quality, reliability and friendliness.

Producing Bananas
for over 75 Years

Bananas are a healthy choice that are readily available and quite possibly the easiest edible fruit.  Well-known to be high in potassium, bananas also contain significant vitamins such as vitamin B6 and vitamin C.  They also have the added benefit of being free of cholesterol, salt and fat.

Flegler Group primarily grows Cavendish bananas which are known for their taste and ability to be commercially grown and transported.

Growing sugarcane
for three generations

Tully has its own sugar mill which is the largest single-train mill in Australia.  Annually, the Tully and surrounding areas crush over 2 million tonnes of sugarcane per year.

Flegler Group currently contributes to the crush with around 70,000 tonnes of cane per year.

Our Farms are located in Kennedy, Murray Upper, Feluga, Euramo and Caravan Hill.

About Flegler Group

Our Produce

Flegler Group are third generation banana and sugarcane producers providing situated in Tully in North Queensland.

Our History

The beginnings of Flegler Group began as early as 1947 when, Ron, the grandfather of Cameron and Warwick, planted bananas in Tully


With over 100 employees, and managing 1000 hectares of growing land, find the role you're looking for with the Flegler Group team.


Flegler Group participates in a number of sustainability initiatives and programs to lessen the impact of our business on the planet.